Today, women constitute to half of India's workforce and bring a perspective like no one else. Be it any role - copywriter, client servicing, buyer, communications, or a P&L, there is none that they cannot handle the highest levels of efficiency. They have a proven record of winning at levels and have represented India at all levels.

Our industry has seen many women leaders in the past few years and we aim to create many more as we go forward.

In order to achieve this endeavor, Adgully, India's leading marketing and advertising news portal, is launching 'Mentorship Programme for Women in MARCOM' in association IAA. Young women leaders from all over the country will be trained and groomed by the veterans advertising and marketing women.

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Entrepreneur of the Year

Lifetime Achievement Awards

Agency Head of the Year

Content Writer of the Year

Influencer of the Year

Excellence in the field of Social Media

Copywriter of the Year

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  • Digital Presence on at least one social media platform
  • Actively associated with advertising agency, tech agency, production house, brand, influencer agency